martes, 23 de marzo de 2010


Guatemala, .- Two houses partially destroyed, 50 flooded homes, swept away five vehicles and heavy agricultural losses are part of the damage left by the rains of the last hours in Malacatancito, Huehuetenango. Leandro Lopez, departmental delegate of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction Conrad reported that it has completed the final tally of damage, however, births, water pipes are completely destroyed, and several bridges were damaged in its structure. The relief corps reported that several families were left destitute because their belongings were washed away by rain. Moreover, lack of electrical service and there is a bleak picture as strong winds ripped the roofs of several homes. Irene Hidalgo Malacatancito municipal mayor, said he is worried mainly about the lack of piped water, because the currents destroyed the plumbing and no electricity. Cácun. The outlook is bleak and frustrating because the floods left damage to homes and crops were lost, "said Hidalgo. Testimonials Emilio Ramos, one of the victims said the current caught them by surprise "when we returned from the graduation ceremony of my son only found debris, a pick and a van were in the river, thank God we were not and that saved our lives "described. He asserted that in winter has always had floods in the village of San Ramon, but now with the lack of rain did not imagine that the rain that fell last night would make a very strong currents. Anchor Floridalma narrated that he was preparing dinner when a gust of wind lifted the roof of his house. "The storm was strong all we did was pray," she said. He described that beds, TV and wet clothes, kitchen utensils flew with the wind, blades and wood was destroyed by the wind "We need urgent help because we are poor," he said. The affected water supplies and demand, having lost all their food and belongings. The delegate of Conrad and coordinations are made with the institutions of government to work to restore services and help the victims.

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